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The municipal budget, like government budgets at all levels, is a document that concerns all citizens. It is not merely a statement of revenues and expenditures of the local body, but a policy document that affects the well-being of people. The direction of the city’s progress is reflected in the decisions about investments in different types of infrastructure and services. This site is an initiative to make the municipal budget and budgeting process more responsive to citizens’ needs, easier to understand and participative.

2016-17 Budget 

  • Budget book 2016-17 SC (Standing Committee) (final) : download from punecorporation.org
  • Download Simplified extract of 2016-17 SC budget all expenditures from PMC’s SC 2016-17 Budget Book (final). All sections combined. (updated as of 12-Apr-2016)
  • At a glance: Interactive visualization and listing of 2016-17 (SC) Budget expenditures
    Open interactive pie-chart   Open interactive listing
  • Presentation by the Municipal Commissioner on 25 January 2016 (right click to download pdf, 9 mb, Link to the file on PMC website)
  • Draft PMC Budget 2016-17, presented by Municipal Commissioner on 25 January 2016 : see on Pune Municipal Corporation website
  • Prabhag Wise budgets

Press Note

2015-16 Budget

  • Download Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) Budget Book for 2015-16. (PDF)
  • See Participatory Budget works on a map interface Mapping Pune’s Participatory Budget, 2015-16
  • Simplified extract of 2015-16 all expenditures from PMC’s 2015-16 Budget Book. Only the main (2015-16 amount) column has been kept, and all sections have been combined.