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The municipal budget, like government budgets at all levels, is a document that concerns all citizens. It is not merely a statement of revenues and expenditures of the local body, but a policy document that affects the well-being of people. The direction of the city’s progress is reflected in the decisions about investments in different types of infrastructure and services. This site is an initiative to make the municipal budget and budgeting process more responsive to citizens’ needs, easier to understand and participative. The beginnings of Participatory Budgeting Pune

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Participatory Budget inputs collection for 2019-20

Announcement: Pune citizens are requested to participate in PMC’s Citizens Participatory Budget (PB) for FY 2019-2020

  1. Every year PMC invites citizens to suggest budgetary provisions for projects/ ideas they would like to be incorporated.
  2. Each project the citizen would like to suggest should not be above an approx cost of Rs. 5 Lacs. You can suggest any number of projects.
  3. The form is attached below, you can take printouts, forms are also available at your local ward office.
  4. The reverse/ second page of the form provides the relevant guidelines to fill the form.
  5. However, it is advisable to complete the form in consultation with the Dy. Engr or Ward Officer at the ward office who should be able to clarify :
    i) whether approx cost ( see approx cost list below ) of the project you intend to suggest is likely to be below Rs. 5 lacs.
    ii) whether the project is already provided for in the current budget for 2018-2019.
    iii) whether, in his opinion, the civil works / innovative idea is feasible.
  6. After collating all citizen budget forms ( last date 7th September 2018 ), the ward office is supposed to put it up to the Prabhag Samiti which includes your area Corporators. Therefore…
  7. In order to ensure that your proposal does get forwarded to PMC main office, do contact your Corporator/s.

Download: Citizen Suggestion form 2019-20. Fill it and submit it at your area’s ward office.

Update : Know Your Corporators : Udpated for 2017-22. with photos

PMC Notice Inviting Citizens’ Suggestions for Budget 2018-19

2017-18 Budget

Prabhag wise list of citizens’ works to be carried out in 2017-18 (as per 76 wards) and budget allocations.

Download CitizensWorks2017-18

Simplified Extract of Budget PMC (Standing Committee) 2017-18
PMC SC Budget 2017-18 Simplified
(The first sheet has the Citizens’ Suggestions (plan and non plan), organized prabhag wise)

See http://pmc.gov.in/en/accountant for current and previous budget files.

Ongoing project for visualising 2017-18 Budget data : click here

2016-17 Budget 

  • Budget book 2016-17 SC (Standing Committee) (final) : download from punecorporation.org
  • Download Simplified extract of 2016-17 SC budget all expenditures from PMC’s SC 2016-17 Budget Book (final). All sections combined. (updated as of 12-Apr-2016)
  • At a glance: Interactive visualization and listing of 2016-17 (SC) Budget expenditures
    Open interactive pie-chart   Open interactive listing
  • Presentation by the Municipal Commissioner on 25 January 2016 (right click to download pdf, 9 mb, Link to the file on PMC website)
  • Draft PMC Budget 2016-17, presented by Municipal Commissioner on 25 January 2016 : see on Pune Municipal Corporation website
  • Prabhag Wise budgets

Press Note

2015-16 Budget

  • Download Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) Budget Book for 2015-16. (PDF)
  • See Participatory Budget works on a map interface Mapping Pune’s Participatory Budget, 2015-16
  • Simplified extract of 2015-16 all expenditures from PMC’s 2015-16 Budget Book. Only the main (2015-16 amount) column has been kept, and all sections have been combined.

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