PMC Citizens’ Charter नागरिकांची सनद

In order to help resolve people’s complaints/problems, one may use the PMC Citizens’ Charter (नागरिकांची सनद). This tells one exactly
1. whom to submit application – अर्ज कोणाला द्यायचा
2. how to submit application – अर्ज कसा द्यायचा, फोर्म असल्यास कुठला ई.
3. documents needed – आवश्यक कागदपत्रे
4. fee if any to be paid – आवश्यक फी
5. time within which service must be provided – निर्णयासाठी लागणारा कालावधी


Right to Public Services Act

Under the Maharashtra Right to Public Services Act, each Corporation is to notify services for which papers required, fee and time period are to be specified. For each service a nodal officer is also designated, who is responsible for delivery of said service within the time period.
The PMC has published these 15 services which are available on the PMC website.

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