The Pune Municipal Corporation has published several maps of different parts of the city as outputs of various surveys, planning processes, etc. Seen in isolation, these maps might make little sense to someone not coming from an urban planning or similar background. But if we overlay them on a standard web-based map, then we can see them in context and compare and contrast with other maps, satellite views etc in a better way.
This makes those maps more accessible to citizens, and citizens too can get an opportunity to learn how urban planning for their city is being done.

So, below is a map of Pune, with a  dropdown list to cycle through various maps published by PMC that will come on top of the standard map as an overlay. Use the slider on the right to fade in or fade out the overlay.


Sources: Pune Municipal Corporation | DP maps

The above has been accomplished using a platform called mapwarper. We still have quite some maps to “warp”.. it can be done by anybody with just point-and-click and map-browsing skills. Would you like to join in on this? If so, please contact us!

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