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For the 2012-17 General Body, Pune was divided in 76 electoral wards, also called “प्रभाग” (Prabhag). Each Prabhag had elected two elected representatives : one seat reserved for a female candidate, and the other being open to both male and female candidates. Together, our elected representatives form the General Body (GB) in the Pune Municipal Corporation, which is Pune’s urban local governing body. Scroll down to the interactive map of Pune, to locate your ward and view civic information about it.

Budget Allocations, 2016-17

(As included in the Budget presented by Municipal Budget Brief ImageCommissioner on 25 January 2016)

Each prabhag has been allocated funds for infrastructure, such as footpaths and toilets as well as for maintenance works. The list of works in each prabhag may include the suggestions made by citizens through the Participatory Budget process, and those recommended by the Administrative Ward Offices. Download the list of works for each Prabhag from the links below:

Prabhag WISE Index Score and Profiles

View the status of infrastructure and services in each prabhag and its WISE IndexPrabhag Profile Image score.

Prabhag Profiles Interactive Map

Select your prabhag below, or click on it on the map to see its info, wise index values and data. .

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